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If you invest in southern Uruguay, more specifically in San Jose province, you will find the interior area of the country with the highest economic stability, the best percentage of employed population of the country, a totally productive area in terms of their land with the highest productivity rates in the country, suitable for agriculture or livestock.

Life quality

The life quality levels which you will find are unbeatable in the region, where you will become part of a totally helpful society, focused on improvement and constant concern for the welfare of their neighbors



You will be investing in a privileged location in terms of being not more than 30 minutes from River Plate and all that this includes, the beautiful beaches and the peace and quietness that they offer.

Natural resources

In addition to our natural strengths and our mild climate we can highlight the most important resource of this area of the continent: the Raigón aquifer, a branch of Guarini aquifer, one of the world's most important freshwater reserves, which assures not only being in one of the most beautiful and peaceful areas of the world but the possibility to drink the best water on Earth.

For all this and much more, invest in southern Uruguay.

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